Neurology Spine

Models are transported globally, in a hard case and are X-ray compatible.

Operable anatomies and pathologies are available, with optional blood flow with a pulse.

Some base models are fully operable both anterior and posterior approach.

Other models share a common base (non-operable) and interchangeable spine cassettes are inserted.

These spine cassettes have been designed to be a minimal cost consumable.

Note – no regulatory burdens or harmful bacteria.


  • Base Thorax and Abdomen
  • Blood pump with pulse (optional)
  • Occiput to Sacrum
  • Interchangeable Pro-sections: Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar
  • Pathologies as requested
  • Posterior and Anterior approach
Models Procedures Description
Base - Head, Thorax and Abdomen Anterior and posterior Fully operable
  Posterior cassettes Interchangeable posterior cassettes
Base - Head and Thorax Anterior and posterior Fully operable
Base - Abdomen Anterior and posterior Fully operable
Occiput to Sacrum Cervical spinal fusion Pro-sections available
  Anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion Pathologies as requested
  Anterior cervical corpectomy and fusion Posterior and anterior approach
  Laminectomy Blood pump with pulse (optional)
  Artificial disk replacement (ADR)  
  Posterior cervical laminoforaminotomy  
  Osteophyte removal  
  Posterior Correction  
  Lateral access, discectomy, cage-placement  
  ATP access, discectomy, cage-placement  
  Ultra MIS TLIF access, visualization, cage-placement  
  ALIF access, discectomy, cage-placement  
  Percutaneous screw fixation  
  Osteotomies and derotation techniques  
  AP targeting pedicle screw placement  
  Cement augmentation under fluoro guidance