Soft Tissue Reproductions

Having ownership of the world’s leading technology Fusetec can simulate a variety of medical training devices.

  • Reproducing exacting density of all anatomical tissues and bone densities.
  • Organs or joints are reproduced to an accuracy of 20 micron.
  • Fusetec Soft Tissue medical training devices provide exacting haptic feedback.
  • Multiple materials and colors are advanced manufactured simultaneously emulating real life operable conditions.

Commission Development

Fusetec is happy to work with medical institutions and educational facilities from around the world. Contact Fusetec to request a collaborative project to design and develop an advanced medical training device. This may be an education training model for graduate course level to an advanced multi-discipline clinical training device. All Medical Training Devices are designed, developed and endorsed by leading specialists, prior to being released to the medical sector.

Industrial Prototypes:

Gain a competitive advantage through faster design and prototyping to manufacturing. Fusetec provides a range of solutions and materials and work collaboratively with R&D projects, across a variety of industry sectors

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Corporate
  • Defence
  • Education