Clinical education and training models

Conduct clinically relevant training anywhere on realist anatomical accurate medical training devices, customised for virtually any clinical scenario. Fully operable surgical simulation models provide robust tissue interaction and tactile response that can be created to simulate specific pathology. Fusetec 3D can assist in product development from needle training models to organ reproductions with pathology, allowing trainees to develop skill by repetitive rehearsal.

ENT Training Devices

"This has been developed into a model where the face has a cassette of the sinuses which can be surgically operated on to teach ENT surgeons the anatomy and the surgical techniques needed to perform endoscopic sinus surgery.  This anatomical model has now been validated in an international FESS course (21st Advanced FESS Course, University of Adelaide) by attending surgeons and surgery was demonstrated on the model after the CT of the model was used to understand and plan the surgery by the attending delegates."

Professor and Chairman of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery:  Peter- John Wormald.

The professor has now ordered seven more sinus trainers, with variation in anatomy and pathology.

ENT Trainers are available to purchase by contacting Mark Roe for details.