Technology enhancing change and positively impacting society

Most citizens in western society are blessed with a reasonable quality of life and well-being for which there are many contributing factors from access to education, meaningful employment and the quality of our healthcare system. In many low to middle income countries the quality of live is less than desirable. Fusetec has identified a need to continually improve our ability to train surgeons, as surgical training is essential for a healthy society. Currently, 5 billion people on this planet do not have access to safe, affordable surgical and anaesthesia care.

After identifying the need to advance surgical training and the impact surgery has on society, Fusetec commenced operations, with an ambitious task to offer an alternative surgical training solution. After five years of R&D and the evolution of technology, Fusetec is now improving healthcare outcomes by advance manufacturing safe, affordable, and effective surgical training models. Fusetec surgical training models are fully operable, soft tissue, mimicking human tissue which are exported globally and have replaced traditional surgical training methods. Fusetec advanced manufactured surgical training models are designed and manufactured in collaborations with local universities, while creating meaningful employment within our state.