Dr Arj Ananda, Head of ENT Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Hospital, Sydney

“Attending the 22nd Advanced FESS course in Adelaide has been a transformative experience for me. Use of the Fusetec sinus models has resulted in an enhanced learning experience for not only the advanced ENT surgeon, but also surgeons embarking on their training. The ability to create uniformity in anatomy across board for all dissectors has resulted in a more complete learning experience as compared to traditional cadaveric courses. The ability to create variance of the frontal sinus structure reinforces in the mind of participants the accuracy in being able to interpret and apply their understanding of radiological data. This is key to safe and effective sinus surgery.” 

Dr Stephen Floreani, ENT Surgeon Memorial Hospital, Adelaide 

” Fantastic model for frontal cell anatomy. Bone especially has good ‘real’ feel. Adhesion of the ‘mucosa’ to bone is a little tougher than real life, otherwise the models are fantastic.” 

Dr Alastair Gliksman, ENT Surgeon Coffs ENT Centre, Coffs Harbour 

“Very life-like models that allowed us to practice on numerous different, difficult anatomies”

Dr Andrew Martin, ENT Registrar Dunedin Hospital, Dunedin New Zealand

“The sinus model was exceptionally accurate to the complex anatomy of the sinuses yielding a very lifelike experience of sinus surgery. The small trade-offs of absent mucosa and slight difficulties with its use with the microdebrider were well out-weighed by the uniformity of models to the scan allowing a great group teaching experience.”