Fusetec is a relative newcomer to 3D advanced manufacturing but was fortunate to start with 2 founders having collectively 60 odd years printing industry experience. The business some say is an attempt to bring the sexy back to printing, we see it as an extension of the craft that once was.


Management Team

Mark Roe Director

Mark started his career as an apprenticed printing machinist back in the mid 1980s. He qualified ahead of time and progressed swiftly through management ranks before his entrepreneurial flair kicked in, launching his own concern, Five Star Press. This little business grew quickly both in size and reputation winning hundreds of State, National and International awards for excellence.

It was mid-2005 and with an illness in the family he decided to put his energies totally towards the family unit. Literally at 32yrs of age, he became semi-retired on a small island in Fiji to fulfil a more relaxed lifestyle with the family.

It didn’t take long for Mark to realize that he couldn’t sit still and he invested into in a small inter-island ferry provider in Fiji. His strong senior management and ethical business practice saw him turn the business into the largest operator in Fiji and the surrounding region within his first 3 years as CEO. Reluctantly he had to leave that journey behind some 6 years later when his son became seriously ill and required a permanent return to Australia for continued medical treatment.

His time as CEO of Five Star, then the shipping business and his recent role as CEO of a national print group had provided him with an invaluable suitcase full of business experiences; all had just been a dress rehearsal for his latest project Fusetec.

During his time as CEO of a national print group, he was contacted by a medical professional asking if he could print a 3D skull to help an accident victim for pre-surgical analysis. A phone call was the catalyst to create something special that will change the way we train our medical students today and into the future.

John Budgen Director

John started his journey as an apprenticed printing machinist during the late 1980’s, he was sort after by many print companies for his attention to detail and high level of craftsmanship. (NB: Mark will take credit as he was John’s supervisor during the apprenticeship period, John will deny any correlation) As it happens, John was Mark’s first employee at Five Star Press and was key to the rapid growth, building strong relationships with clients and helping drive a culture of excellence in the business.

After 8 years with Five Star he was recruited into the eastern states as a sales specialist and settled in Melbourne for some 6 years. During this time in Melbourne he met his now wife of 10 years who was Sydney based, consequently he was recruited to a national role with the largest print company in Australia at the time, relocating to NSW.

John had aspirations to own his own business and it wasn’t long before he pursued an opportunity investing into a digital print franchise. Quickly, 1 franchise turned into 8 franchises within 4 years, spreading across three states with over 75 staff.

Following a family illness and 10 years in the franchise business he returned to Adelaide to be closer to family, only to engage with Mark again, starting a new journey together.

John’s digital grounding and passion for technology compliment Mark’s entrepreneurial drive and business experience, combined they are a formidable team with grand plans to make a difference to the way forward in the 2D and 3D printing world.