About Us

Fusetec 3D is the first commercial anatomical soft tissue reproduction company in Australia. Fusetec is a new company with new technology where Research and Development is the foundation of our corporate culture. Fusetec collaborates with medical institutions and universities to continuously push the boundaries of medical device technology. Fusetec along with our partnership arrangements will continue to develop, new materials and IP to better simulate human anatomy. Fusetec believes that within the next decade it may be possible to 3D print human organs for transplant and every aspect of our learning will get us one step closer to this quantum leap forward in healthcare.

Management Team

Mark Roe Director

While performing his duties as CEO of a national group of companies, Mark was contacted by a professor whom stated, "there has been an accident and I need to source a 3D printed skull insert, can you help?" That was the moment the embryo was planted; within a few months, Mark was touring USA studying 3D advanced medical applications.

After a successful manufacturing career, winning hundreds of awards both domestically and internationally. Mark was up to the challenge and knew he would be able to adapt his skills, to the rapidly evolving new technology.

Mark currently heads up R&D in collaboration with several universities, as well as running Fusetec 3D in a CEO / Director capacity.

John Budgen Director

John Budgen is an experienced business manager of twenty years, running multiple manufacturing sights servicing many ASX listed companies. John has a solid digital knowledge and a passion for technology and compliments Mark’s entrepreneurial drive.

Combined they are a formidable team with aspirations to improve medical training from the old school approach of ‘watch one, do one, teach one.’ To training with exacting repeatable standards without risk to patients and were mistakes are somewhat encouraged as apart of learning.